The Brands

Arctic Fox

Arctic fox is a sustainable accessories brand that blends a Scandinavian & Japanese design aesthetic. All of their pieces are made for high quality industry off cuts, dead-stock and fabrics  that otherwise would have gone to waste and ended up in landfill. 

Arctic Fox is a carbon neutral company that only works with ethically run factories. Their motto is simplistic and sustainable. 



is a luxury, organic and ethical resort wear collection cultivated by the rhythm and aesthetics of the Bohemian traveller. Each piece is designed with a bold effortless sense of freedom in mind and conscious creation at its core.

The founder, Frances Clark, is a nomad at heart drawn to places of magic and energy. She lives with her family in Ibiza, designing her life based around nature and the fundamentals of slow living. Frances started this journey following a passion for escapism and her dream to design the perfect holiday wardrobe that also holds beautiful values within its threads, protecting our earth, caring for its people and making a positive impact through its charitable projects. 


Reena is the founder of Ayuri. She launched her Ayurvedic candle business whilst on furlough in July 2020 with a mission to share Ayurvedic wisdom through her hand-poured dosha-balancing scented candles. The scents in the range are designed to help bring balance to the doshas. 

Doshas are bio-energies made of the five core elements that exist in the universe which are earth, water, fire, air, and ether. The elements are grouped into three bio-energies called Vata (air + ether), Pitta (fire + water) and Kapha (earth + water). According to Ayurveda, each of us is made of these three doshas which can become imbalanced due to our modern hectic lifestyles.

Scents from the Vata range are warming, can help calm the nerves, and are beneficial for anxiety and insomnia. Scents from the Pitta range are grounding, help bring a sense of calm, and are soothing. Scents from the Kapha range create a sense of positive energy and can help with the feeling of lethargy and depression.

Ayuri candles are eco-friendly and made with locally sourced materials and ingredients. The wax used is 100% natural vegan soy wax. Soy wax is produced from sustainable plantations and is not harmful to our health or the environment when burning in the way that paraffin wax is. The range includes scents that are a blend of cold-pressed essential oils of herbs, spices, flowers, and botanicals. Some of the scents are blend premium fragrance oils and essential oils. 

All Ayuri candles are hand-poured by Reena in her home in London, lovingly made with care and every attention so that you can enjoy the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda at home.



BLOKCANDL is a woman owned brand, born from two close friends who have formed a sisterhood over their bespoke creations - they started handmaking and hand-pouring in their home kitchen hubs in 2020 and have kept going ever since.  

Alice & Katie are the two faces behind this small quirky business. BLOKCANDL was the product of two friends seeing a gap in the market for something truly bespoke, yet inexpensive. They share a love of colour, style and art and are inspired by the cities they’ve visited. They believe BLOKCANDL homewares are the perfect combination for a slightly cute but funky addition to your home. All their candles are made to bespoke colour choices, they believe everyone’s homes should shine with their personality.

All BLOKCANDL candles are 100% Natural, Vegan & Biodegradable and are made with soy wax.  

Bohemia Design

Bohemia Design work collaboratively with artisans in Morocco, India, Kenya and Turkey to produce timeless collections of functional objects. Gaining a deep understanding of the techniques and processes of each craft is fundamental to their design process and they spend many hours in the company of their partners quietly observing in awe of their skills.

Bohemia design acts as a bridge between traditional crafting communities and an audience who value authentic goods sustainably produced.  They believe in handmade; perfectly imperfect wares crafted slowly from natural materials locally sourced. Pottery, basketry, weaving are processes as old as human time, containers for storage and carrying, cloth for warmth and protection. Goods made by hand bear the character of their creator, the nuances and eccentricities integral to each piece.

Bohemia Design believe in fair trade, they treat everybody they meet as they would expect to be treated themselves and their relationships are built on trust, respect, equality and friendship. As a company their aim is to elevate the status of artisanal craft and those who produce it.


Bougie Lab

Caroline, the founder of Bougie Lab, had one simple vision when she began her business in 2019 - simplicity, sustainability and quality.   It all started with distinctive amber glass jar candles - chosen because of the warm glow they emit when lit as well as the endless repurposing possibilities. These candles are created from a sustainable blend of coconut and soy wax. In her quest to diversify and promote sustainable living, she stumbled across a new eco friendly material - Jesmonite, and so Bougie Lab the sequel was born. She now offers trinket dishes, candle dishes and candle holders in a range of muted and natural colours with a simplistic Nordic vibe.


Charles Farris

Charles Farris was founded in Bishopsgate, London in 1845, 160 years ago, as a maker of church candles. They are still going strong today as one of the countries foremost candle makers, having relocated to Mere in Wiltshire. The beautiful tapered candle range comes in a stunning range of colours and the quality is of the highest standard.



Cocolulu is a creative, small business, founded by maker, embroiderer and illustrator, Louise. She creates the most colourful homewares and gifts aka, real sparks of joy! Cocolulu designs and makes products to help you to celebrate the day-to-day joys and glorious occasions and special life events!

Louise believes that colour can lift any mood, which is something Cocolulu explores so wonderfully through each product.  Having done a degree in embroidery, it has always been something that has been a part of her life. A true labour of love, a skill that has to be truly appreciated by the time it takes to finish a piece.



CottLinWool is a small independent business run by Kasia, a mother of 2 and sufferer of Tourette's Syndrome. Her small business was born out of a passionate love of sewing, creating and colour.

CottLinWool, as the name suggests, is based on her use of natural fabrics - cotton, linen and soon wool.

Kasia designs her headbands using unique patterns, 100% hand making each one with love from her home in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. 


Deadpan Cards

Deadpan Cards make cards that tell the truth - their motto is if you can't say something nice, say something factually correct. 

Founded by co-workers Neil & Nick after they became bored of the generic and cringeworthy birthday/ leaving cards etc they continually had to sign for colleagues. They teamed up with friend Vic, to bring the world cards that said what you really mean.

Dook Soaps 

Dook is a small, artisanal soap company based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Their luxury salt soaps are made in small batches using organic ingredients, essential oils and natural colouring. Each batch is mixed and poured by hand.  

Sustainability and plastic reduction are at the heart of Dook's manufacturing and retail process. The cardboard soap packaging is made for recycled coffee cups. 

East End Prints

Founded by Helen Edwards in 2010 and based East London, East End Prints is a small , female run, publishing house with a curated collection of graphic art prints. Their aim is to make affordable art accessible to everyone - 'making walls into galleries'.  

All pieces are printed to order in the UK to minimise waste. East End Prints are committed supporters of Cool Earth, a charity that works alongside communities to fight deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest and they donate a % of their profits each year to this amazing cause. 


Earth Paper Fibre

Earth Paper Fibre was founded by Mel in the summer of 2020 as a way to keep being creative after being made redundant during the coronavirus pandemic. Her brand specialises in porcelain ceramic jewellery, greeting cards and other various ceramic homeware products, all of which have a focus on making beautifully designed products at a low impact to the environment.

Earth Paper Fibre is built around three fundamental materials which are used in the products. ‘Earth’ represents the natural ceramic material forming the body of the jewellery and other homeware items. ‘Paper’ being the paper products such as greeting cards, and ‘Fibre’ relates to the textile materials used in various home décor products.

Earth Paper Fibre is a small business beginning its journey, with high ambitions to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible, so to enable this, big steps have been taken to ensure all products are made using natural materials and all product packaging is completely plastic-free. In addition to this, all materials are sourced ethically from within the UK – from one small business to another!

There is a meticulous and lengthy process behind each pair of earrings created by Mel, the entire ‘making’ process takes 10-14 days to complete. Every pair of earrings has been fired twice with temperatures ranging from 1000 to 1260 degrees Celsius. Firstly, the jewellery is cut in its ‘leather-hard’ state, polished and then left to dry slowly for a few days. When it is totally bone dry, it goes in for its first firing of 1000 degrees Celsius (taking approximately 12 hours). Afterwards, each individual piece is sanded, and decorated by hand with underglazes and then goes back into the kiln for a final firing of 1260 degrees Celsius (a further 14 hours). Through raising the temperature of the porcelain this high in the kiln, it makes it extremely lightweight and durable, interestingly it actually shrinks 15% in size from its wet clay form (compared to earthenware clay which is about 10%) Finally, each piece of jewellery is put together and finished using high quality fastenings. The jewellery is then ready for you to show off and enjoy!



EcoCardDesigns was founded by Burgess Hill based, mum of 2, Emily in December 2021 after an online card purchase ended up in landfill as it wasn't recyclable. Emily decided that the joy in purchasing and gifting a card was something that shouldn't die out, instead her cards can be planted and enjoyed for months to come.  


elä life

elä life is a home aromatherapy & skincare brand created by the amazing Anna Schmidt. Using natural ingredients and 100% essential oils, Anna has created a brand that is designed around 5 essential oil blends: Begin No 1, Nurture No 2, Pause No 3, Grounded No 4 and Rest No 5, that take you from the start of the day right through to the end of the day as you wind down to sleep.

Hand blended by Anna, the initial creation of the blends came from her instinctive hunt for calm, uplifting and refreshing fragrances that would help set the tone and ambience in her home. Each product has been thoughtfully developed to give a moment for you to pause and take some self-care. 

Made in small batches in the UK, elä life believe we all have a responsibility to care for our planet and tread lightly on this earth. 


Grace Robin Designs 

Grace launched Grace Robin Designs in 2020. After graduating from Winchester School of Art in 2019, Grace moved to New York to work for a fashion accessory brand. Due to Covid she moved back to the UK in March 2020 and that's where it all began. During the first lockdown Grace found time to reconnect with her knitting machine and started making bits and bobs for herself. Friends started asking for pieces and suggested she start an Etsy shop. Since then, Grace has been knitting like crazy and loving every minute!  As someone who suffers from eczema, Grace wanted to create knits for sensitive skin. All of her knits are 100% cotton and are linked together to create a smooth flat seam.

Sustainability is hugely important to Grace, each knit is made to order and fully fashioned to minimise waste. Her aim is to design and make beautiful, minimal and timeless shapes that will be cherished for a long time.


HERD designs stylish and hardworking bags for stylish and hardworking people. We all HERD. The commute, the school run, the shops, the picnic, the festival, the sports field. HERD bags are for all people who need to carry ‘stuff’.  With their designer based in Rio, HERD produce bags that are reusable and practical but also look great.

HERD was started by Nancy Powell. After years of advising well-known brands on sustainability, she decided to take everything she had learned about bags, recycling and brands to set up HERD. Nancy is mother of three young children and Chief Herder in her family.

Jack & Freda

Based in Berkshire and founded in 2015 by the fabulous Kylie, this small, independent jewellery combines handcrafted jewellery with fun, colourful design features. 


KIND BAG was founded by Maria in 2019 in Hackney, London with her own savings and a mission to create sustainable accessories designed to combat plastic pollution and drive change in the fashion industry & be kind to the planet! 

Now an all women team of 4 (& one dog!), KIND BAG is going from strength to strength with their fabulous unique, stylish bags and have rescued over 2.2 million plastic bottles from going to landfill and the ocean! 

Kind Bag follows the concept of circular fashion, whereby materials are captured and re-used throughout their lifecycle. KIND BAG are taking waste to create something beautiful and versatile, that can also be reused and recycled. The brand is the perfect example of sustainability and style.

As Maria and her team say 'lets be kind to the planet together'

LeTee Paris

Sarah founded Le tee Paris after living in Paris for four years and being inspired by the seemingly effortless, chic of French women’s everyday style. It is this effortless look she is sharing through her own brand.  A busy working mum of 2 she wanted to create a brand that celebrates classic, well cut clothes and offers stylish everyday choice.

All Le tee knitwear is made in local family run businesses based in the Scottish Borders. These companies have been employing skilled workers, often from the same families, for generations. The area is synonymous with the textiles industry having produced some of the best knitwear since the late 1700’s. Using only the highest quality of raw materials together with years of craftsmanship is the key to producing some of the finest knitwear available.


Linen & Rock 

Linen and rock was born from a combination of a love of sewing textiles and creating with concrete.

Belinda and her three children and live in Hertfordshire and when they were small she started a side hustle making cushions and sewing, crocheting and embroidering various textile homewares whilst also working as a vet receptionist in the day.

Now her children are big, so at the end of 2020, Belinda decided to give up the day job and rent some space where she could create full time. At this time she was also introduced to concrete, more specifically Jesmonite, and realised the cold, hard, concrete like substance and the soft, textured fabrics would sit perfectly together - and she had her perfect shop!

The candleholders stacked by blossom & roar are made from Jesmonite, an Eco friendly, non toxic substance that’s dries like concrete. It’s naturally white so can easily be transformed with colour pigment. Once mixed it is poured into moulds and hardens within 40 minutes. The candleholders are then lightly sanded and sealed with a natural wax. 


Inspired by his great-great-great grandfather John Cadbury, James Cadbury founded LOVE COCOA in 2016 in his kitchen with the aim of making delicious tasting, artisan chocolate in a sustainable & ethical way.

The mainstream chocolate industry, with its farming of cocoa, is driving deforestation in West Africa at a devastating rate.  LOVE COCOA is combating this by planting 1 tree for every product they sell. In 2020 they planted 500,000 trees in Cameroon. 

LOVE COCOA uses single source cocoa from Columbia, Ecuador and Peru, working with suppliers that pay cocoa farmers higher than the market rate. In an industry dominated with multinational brands, LOVE COCOA work with smaller, family run businesses nurturing respectful relationships at every level of the supply chain. 



Neon Candles UK was started by husband-and-wife duo Laura & Oliver in 2020. They hand make their fabulous neon candles at their Buckinghamshire home, whilst also working for the fire service!  

Parents to two young children, their 8-year-old daughter Lily, loves to draw candle designs and helps with picking the colour combinations.

Each and every neon candle is made by hand with a lot of love, attention to detail, eco-friendly wax and of course colour! Due to the hand dipped technique each candle has its own unique colour and pattern - making each truly original and unique  



'a mama run illustration brand' founded in Yorkshire in 2015, designed in house Plewsy only work with UK manufacturers to ensure there are no air miles, investment in local jobs and recycling in every way possible. 


Helen started Raw Pour Adore with her 8-year son in lockdown 1.0 when they were looking for something for home ed, that ticked the maths, art and science boxes. They initially started out making for friends & family, but soon had requests from further afield.

Now RawPourAdore is a fabulous independent small business making handmade sustainable homewares. They work in an eco-friendly way, reusing and recycling as much as possible, and always use sustainable packaging.

Rosita Studio

Rosita Studio is run by Maria, designer, hand embroiderer and seamstress. Originally from Catalonia, Spain Maria now lives and works in Wiltshire.

Rosita is Maria’s grandmother. Before moving to the UK in 2017, Maria would spend hours sitting and sewing with her grandma listening to stories about when she was young and how much everything had changed since then. Rosita Studio's aim is to go back to that time her grandma misses so much through textiles.

Maria’s mother, a passionate seamstress, taught Maria her first stitches when she was a child, to keep her quiet while she was teaching in her sewing school. Maria spent years next to her mother learning sewing, embroidery techniques and pattern making. As an adult Maria studied Fashion Design and Pattern and Dressmaking in Barcelona.

Maria is inspired by vintage home textiles made by ordinary women to decorate their homes. Those linens were usually stitched with flowers, monograms or beautiful edgings. Maria uses floral patterns as inspiration to create her designs. Keeping the vintage look of them she transforms these patterns into contemporary designs.Maria loves using her hands to slowly create her one-of-a-kind pieces. Every piece is ethically made by Maria in her studio using sustainable fabrics (as much as she can): organic, oeko-tex certified, second hand, vintage, recycled.



Founded in 2021 by conservation scientists Emily & Ana with the aim of 'filling the world with flowers, starting with your garden, balcony or window box'. Seedball is an amazing non-profit company that wants in increase the wildflower population and help the wildlife that depend on them. 

So Just Shop

With the mission to raise 250,000 women and their families out of abject poverty, Jennifer Georgeson launched SO JUST SHOP in 2015 as a platform to economically empower vulnerable women across the world, by providing them access to an international market and international price points for their goods. SO JUST SHOP works directly with women-led artisan groups, ensuring they are being paid a fair living wage and have safe working conditions. 

SO JUST SHOP partners with co-operatives working in marginalised communities; women in living in extreme poverty, disabled women, ex-sex workers, refugees, women viewed as outcast by society and survivors of domestic abuse and trafficking. Many of these co-operatives provide the women with literacy and numeracy lessons, creches and education for their children, an extended family, as well as a legal and safe form of employment.


Sophie Home 

Sophie Home is a small independent textile business run and founded by the amazing Sophie. Working from her South London studio, Sophie designs the softest cotton knit cushions and throw blankets all of which are produced and made in the UK. Sophie donates 5% of all of her profits to the Choose Love refuge charity. 


SVP Jewellery

Sarah Parham (the queen of rings) founded SVP Jewellery after a craftsman she was visiting in Jaipur let her design a gemstone ring as a thank you. When she arrived back in the UK all her friends wanted to get their hands on one too - but no one knew their ring size! And so, SVP was born. Sarah’s comfortable, adjustable band design means these gorgeous rings fit everyone. Designed in the UK and handcrafted by her craftspeople in Jaipur, SVP Jewellery ensures traceability at all stages of the making process, producing ethical and stunning jewellery.

Sarah changed career in her mid-forties and champions other women entrepreneurs. She believes that it’s small changes that can lead to better health and happiness.

The 13 Prints

The 13 Prints was created by Rachel, a Mancunian now living in Sussex. All of her designs are inspired by her love of flowers, animal print, polka dot and the occasional profanity. "The 13 Prints" got its name from Rachel's lucky number...from growing up at No.13 in Manchester, both sons being born on a 13th, a sister and two brother -in-laws born on a 13th too...lucky for some!

The Wild Botanist

The Wild Botanist specialises in creating gorgeous, environmentally friendly scents. They are inspired by nature and believe in looking after her, they combat deforestation by planting a tree for every order they receive. All of their ingredients are ethically sourced, eco-friendly & vegan.



Tula Louise is a small artisanal soap business based in East London, all soaps are hand-poured and hand cut by Jowanda using the traditional cold process method. The main oils used in the soap are organic and sustainably sourced, all soaps are also naturally coloured and scented with pure essential oils. 

Tula Louise is a brand that links plant-based luxury ingredients with sustainable living, all while giving you a little piece of art. 

Turtle Bags

Turtle Bags began in 2002 to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic bags and work to offer a safer and more sustainable (& stylish!) alternative. We are all aware of the devastating effect plastic pollution is having on our oceans. Turtle Bags is inspired by the Leatherback Turtle, who on travelling to UK waters to hunt for jellyfish mistakes dumped plastic bags as food and suffocate as they ingest them. Turtle Bags are dedicated to ethical working practices and work with the WFTO to ensure these are maintained and organic cotton is used throughout.


Vaisselle (the French word for dishes) was started during Lockdown by London based, French designer Léa. ​

A beautiful range of kitchen and decoration essentials inspired by Spanish antique ceramics with a colourful twist. All pieces are handmade, and hand painted in Andalusia, Southern Spain, by a family of artisans. They use traditional techniques of craftsmanship, meaning the environmental footprint is intrinsically small. Vaisselle ceramics are made from local clay and decorated with lead free paints and natural pigments. They only produce small quantities, the kiln is on only if totally full, and all the pieces are dried in the sun. It’s a slow process but oh so worth it!

Vita Mazarine

Vita studied Printed Textiles at Leeds Art University, graduating in 2019. Since then, she has slowly built her own printed design business Vita Mazarine. The business strives for slow craft and handcrafted design, specifically focusing on creating unique pieces for the home. As a designer, Vita is passionate about creating organic, textural, and playful designs for lifestyle products and interiors furnishings. Her inspirations derive from natural surroundings, often looking for the imperfect or unusual aspects which nature provides. All her pieces are lovingly screen-printed using traditional methods at her home studio in Kent.

Wax + Wick Workshop

Wax + Wick Workshop was created from the love of design and natural living. Their core direction is to bring a fresh perspective to the candle industry by incorporating three elements: simple Danish design, quality and sustainability through the use of recycled materials. Wax + Wick want to raise awareness about the importance of reusing, reducing unnecessary waste and recycling when possible. All of their products are handmade in their studio by their team. Wax + Wick only source locally from British suppliers and all of their products are vegan friendly and proudly plastic free!