Bali Hoop - Large - Silver

Bali Hoop - Large - Silver

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Classic hoop earring. 

25mm hoop.

Also available in gold. 

All metals are ethically sourced and hand cast by female jewellers Jaipur in a fair trade and ethical co-operative. Each purchase positively impacts the lives of the artisans and their surrounding communities.

0.925 sterling silver. To clean jewellery wipe lightly with a damp cotton cloth to remove surface dirt or dust.

With the mission to raise 250,000 women and their families out of abject poverty, Jennifer Georgeson launched SO JUST SHOP in 2015 as a platform to economically empower vulnerable women across the world, by providing them access to an international market and international price points for their goods. SO JUST SHOP works directly with women-led artisan groups, ensuring they are being paid a fair living wage and have safe working conditions. 

SO JUST SHOP partners with co-operatives working in marginalised communities; women in living in extreme poverty, disabled women, ex-sex workers, refugees, women viewed as outcast by society and survivors of domestic abuse and trafficking. Many of these co-operatives provide the women with literacy and numeracy lessons, creches and education for their children, an extended family, as well as a legal and safe form of employment.