Pink Jesmonite Concrete Candle Holder
Pink Jesmonite Concrete Candle Holder
Pink Jesmonite Concrete Candle Holder

Pink Jesmonite Concrete Candle Holder

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A single minimalist chic round candle holder made from Jesmonite concrete.

Each candle holder has been individually handmade.

Measures: 8cm wide / 6cm high / 2cm diameter hole. Cork base. 

Also available in white & sand 

Each candle holder has been sealed with a natural wax which give some water resistance but they are NOT dishwasher proof. Please wipe with a damp cloth to gently clean.

Owing to their handmade nature they may have their own small imperfections. 

Linen and rock was born from a combination of a love of sewing textiles and creating with concrete. Belinda and her three children and live in Hertfordshire and when they were small she started a side hustle making cushions and sewing, crocheting and embroidering various textile homewares whilst also working as a vet receptionist in the day.

Now her children are big, so at the end of 2020, Belinda decided to give up the day job and rent some space where she could create full time. At this time she was also introduced to concrete, more specifically Jesmonite, and realised the cold, hard, concrete like substance and the soft, textured fabrics would sit perfectly together - and she had her perfect shop!

The candleholders stacked by blossom & roar are made from Jesmonite, an Eco friendly, non toxic substance that’s dries like concrete. It’s naturally white so can easily be transformed with colour pigment. Once mixed it is poured into moulds and hardens within 40 minutes. The candleholders are then lightly sanded and sealed with a natural wax.