Organic Cotton Hair Ties - pack of 3
Organic Cotton Hair Ties - pack of 3

Organic Cotton Hair Ties - pack of 3

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These fabulous hair and are 100% biodegradable  - something your average hair band isn't! All those lost hairbands out there are just slowly breaking down into micro plastics 

Made from 70% cotton and 30% rubber dyed with eco black dye they have great hold and are super soft to avoid damaging your hair. 

When no longer no needed they can simply be cut up and put in your compost waste 

Presented on 100% Kraft paper sleeve with all info printed in soy ink

1 pack of 3 hair bands 

The Zero Waste Company was founded in 2017 by two friends, Rishi & Pawan, with a mission to produce truly sustainable, ethical and stylish vegan products - at prices people could afford. They run are fully transparent buisness, laying their supply chain bare for everyone to see. Their hope is that other companies will follow suit, ensuring every person, and natural resource, is treated fairly at every point of the manufacturing process.