Pastel Brush Reusable Bag - medium
Pastel Brush Reusable Bag - medium

Pastel Brush Reusable Bag - medium

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Made from 6 recycled plastic bottles. 

Stylish reusable pastel KIND BAG. 

Wide, comfy straps. Light weight & water resistant.  Carries up to 20kg

Folds into attached pouch, fitting into pocket / handbag

Machine washable at 30 degrees 

100% recyclable. 

Size Medium dimensions approx:

Bag: 39cm x 64cm x 17cm Pouch: 14cm x 15cm x 1cm 

KIND BAG was founded by Maria in 2019 in Hackney, London with her own savings and a mission to create sustainable accessories designed to combat plastic pollution and drive change in the fashion industry & be kind to the planet! 

KIND BAG is going from strength to strength with their fabulous unique, stylish bags and have rescued over 5.5 million plastic bottles from going to landfill and the ocean! 

Kind Bag follows the concept of circular fashion, whereby materials are captured and re-used throughout their lifecycle. KIND BAG are taking waste to create something beautiful and versatile, that can also be reused and recycled. The brand is the perfect example of sustainability and style.

As Maria and her team say 'lets be kind to the planet together'