Posie Notebook
Posie Notebook

Posie Notebook

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100% cotton paper notebook with a traditional hand block printed cover

The paper in this notebook has been made by hand - cotton rags are recycled from waste textiles, pulped and then laid over a mesh screen allowing the cellulose rich fibres to bind together to form the paper. Each sheet is then hung to dry before being pressed

100% tree free cotton paper, ethically Handmade in India

Hand Stitched Softbound Cover

Measures 13cm x 18cm 

Bohemia Design work collaboratively with artisans in Morocco, India, Kenya and Turkey to produce timeless collections of functional objects. Acting as a bridge between traditional crafting communities and an audience who value authentic goods sustainably produced.  They believe in handmade; perfectly imperfect wares crafted slowly from natural materials locally sourced. Pottery, basketry, weaving are processes as old as human time, containers for storage and carrying, cloth for warmth and protection. Goods made by hand bear the character of their creator, the nuances and eccentricities integral to each piece.