Reusable Dishcloths - Navy Check

Reusable Dishcloths - Navy Check

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The most stylish reusable dishcloths 

A pack of 3 cotton knit, two tone textured cloths in a gorgeous mix of navy, red, cobalt blue  and white check

The advantages to reusable dishcloths are huge - the main ones being that environmentally they are more friendly - they won't leave microscopic plastic deposits which make their way into our oceans, and they don't start to smell, over time, like other dishcloths. You and your dishes will be winning all round! 

Materials: 100% cotton knit
Dimensions: Each cloth 28 x 28cm
Care: Machine washable from 30°

Also available in other colours 

Designed by Sophie of Sophie Home, a small, independent business run from her South East London studio. 

Learn more about Sophie Home here.