The Gin Growbar
The Gin Growbar
The Gin Growbar

The Gin Growbar

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Perfect for all you gin lovers out there. Add a little homegrown twist to your gimlet 

The seeds have been embedded in a fertile coir bar - all you need is a small container, water and a warm, sunny spot on the windowsill. Within 6-8 weeks the seedlings will be ready to plant into the ground or into pots.

Gin Growbar contains:

Lemon Basil - an annual herb that adds a zesty zing to your G & T

Cucumber - an annual plant that adds a refreshing lift to any gin cocktail 

Purple Wild Bergamot - a perennial that adds a string spicy flavour to your gimlet, and the flowers make a beautiful garnish

Growbars are easy to grow seed collections, nestled in fertile coir bars, carefully created and packaged by the small Growbar team in South London. Growbar is 100% eco-friendly and completely plastic free. All packaging can be widely recycled or home composted and coir is a sustainable alternative to peat that’s made with coconut fibres